Mother’s Day and Father’s Day Ideas


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Mother’s Day and Father’s Day Ideas

By Gianni Giordano, a 6th grade student at Eagle Arts Academy

When the time comes for Mother’s day and Father’s day I like to make my mom and dad lots of paper crafts. So now I’ll share some fun and creative gifts or crafts you can give to your mom and dad. For one I think that you should make your parents breakfast in bed. For my mom’s most recent birthday (which was on a Monday), I woke up early and made her bacon, eggs, and waffles with syrup for her breakfast in bed. I’m sure that your parents will appreciate this, since they have fed you and made meals for you ever since you were born. I think it’s a way for you to repay them for their kindness. Or you can make them papercraft diys. For instance my dad likes to golf, so I made him a tiny paper golf course out of cardboard. So whatever your parents may like, make something that you know they’ll appreciate. Whether their gifts would be made out of cardboard or paper or just a breakfast in bed. Just show them that you appreciate them.