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Mother’s Day and Father’s Day Ideas

Teen Talk Mother’s Day and Father’s Day Ideas By Gianni Giordano, a 6th grade student at Eagle Arts Academy When the time comes for Mother’s day and...

Certain About the Uncertainty

Teen Talk Certain About the Uncertainty       By Mikayla Carroll A question I’ve been hearing more and more of lately: “Where are you going to college?” These days,...

May, 2014 – May Flowers

And I’m happy to introduce you to two new writers for Around Wellington – Gabrielle Harris with “Teen Talk” and Mark Planco with “Paws-itive Press.”

November, 2013 – Looking for an Intern/ Teen Talk Writer is looking for someone who is interested in focusing in writing and journalism to write our monthly “Teen Talk” and be our next intern, beginning January, 2014!

August, 2013 – Starting School Off Right

Teen Talk Starting School off Right By Tyler Alexander With the back to school commercials now airing, students all around Palm Beach County are feeling their hearts...

July, 2013 – New Music Albums

Teen Talk New Music Albums Emerging By Tyler Alexander “I think music in itself is healing.  It’s an explosive expression of humanity.  It’s something we are all...

April, 2013 – Making Worthwhile Summer Plans

For many upperclassmen high school students, summer presents a great opportunity to get in some last-minute experience before it’s time to fill out college applications.

March, 2013 – College Decisions

This past month’s mail was glutted with the last deluge of college acceptance letters, and now, for many high school seniors, it’s decision time.

February, 2013 – Educational Reform and the Decline of Creativity

Moral of the story: we shouldn’t be handing kids essays with topics, mass produced tests, or straight-forward math problems; we should be handing them blank sheets of paper, telling them to get together in a group with other students and express something profound.

January, 2013 – 13 Resolutions for 2013

It is January once more and for me, the New Year typically ushers in a laundry list of unrealistic resolutions.