No More Mom Bod


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No More Mom Bod

Samantha G. Clark

The most common excuse I hear for not working out is, “I don’t have enough time.” And I totally get it, I really do. I don’t have enough time for many things in my day. I don’t have time to shower, sometimes not enough time to cook dinner (unless Chik-Fil-A counts), and definitely not enough time to sit on the couch and catch up on my favorite TV shows. But I always have time to fit in a workout. It is a non-negotiable for me, like brushing my teeth. (which luckily I do have enough time for) So as a busy mom of four children under the age of 9, people often ask me how I fit in my exercise regimen. It’s definitely not an easy task, but if you can commit to making a healthier lifestyle change, I guarantee you will be able to find time to work out.

I always tell people to work out whenever they can fit it in their day. Whether it is waking up early before the kids go off to school, or popping in a work out DVD during nap time.  It doesn’t matter when you exercise, just as long as you fit it in. For me and my family, it works best if I exercise in the morning right after I drop the kids off to school. My favorite form of exercise is running and I prefer to run outside. So if I have my youngest child with me, I pack a couple of snacks and put her in the jogging stroller and head outside. Again for me, this works best. For other busy parents, it may be better for the family if you exercise after work, or when the kids go to sleep. It doesn’t matter what time of day you work out, just get it done!

Exercise can even be a family bonding time. Many weekends my husband and I will go for a run together in our neighborhood with the two younger babies in the double stroller and the two older kids riding next to us on their bikes. *Disclaimer- do not think this will be a relaxing stroll or a nice jog to clear your head. In my experience, each child complains at least once, someone is always thirsty and at least one scuffle or fall is bound to happen. BUT, if you can get past those nuisances, realize that you are getting your work out in for the day and an added bonus, it tires the kiddos out just in time for a nap/rest.

I have heard from other moms that they feel “guilty” for spending time away from their child exercising. One thing you need to remember, it is ok to be a little selfish and have “me” time. Taking 45 minutes to an hour and going to the gym or going outside for a run will not hinder your child’s emotional growth. If anything, it will teach your children the importance of taking care of their own health and instill in them a healthy lifestyle that lasts throughout their childhood. It is not about looking like the women on the cover of magazines, it’s about being strong, healthy and the best versions of ourselves. With childhood obesity becoming an epidemic, let’s lead by example and show our children how we can stay strong, fit and healthy.

I hope these tips can help you squeeze in a little time to get your fitness on and remember, I never promised you would be clean and showered, (I am still in my dirty running clothes from this morning) but I do promise you will be healthy and most importantly happy.