September, 2015 – Soiled Soil!


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The SOILED soil! … If GMOs are so safe, why NOT label them?

“If it doesn’t have a Label, we don’t want it on our Table!”


By Ilyse August


Ilyse August, champion of good causes and comedy

On May 16, 2015, I was inspired.  With local Wellington business leaders, the President of the Wellington Chamber of Commerce, along with many residents of Wellington, I was thrilled to participate in the first Wellington March Against Monsanto.  GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organisms. Touted as a way to increase harvests, these “foods” instead are altering our food supply, literally requiring the addition of chemicals—poisons—to seeds being planted in order for them to sprout. Monsanto, known for its pesticide Roundup, is now splicing the seeds of corn, soy and other vegetables, actually changing the DNA and putting Roundup into the seeds to make them “Roundup resistant.”  Read on about .

A great day for Wellington and GMO-FREE living! A bad day for Monsanto. The March Against Monsanto in Wellington, FL on May 16th, 2015. Photo: Lois Spatz.

Check out the  about the March Against Monsanto in Wellington, FL, produced by Monica Kallas.

GMOs are in our grain, soy and corn; in our fruits, in tomatoes, potatoes and fish—and much more.  Estimates are that 80% of what we eat currently contains GMOs.


Those of us at this event realize that this fight for labeling the GMO content in our foods is ultimately a fight not just for adults in the community, but for our children—and perhaps for our future.


After losing my mom to cancer nearly ten years ago, I developed an interest in how to stay healthy. In 2012 I began a journey looking first hand at companies in the Nutraceutical industry.  I looked at a myriad of vitamin supplementation modalities, in particular at some of those in the new ‘anti-aging’ revolution based on the science of genetic expression.  I looked at Nano technologies and into our nation’s top Genomic/Proteomic Laboratory Botanical Science Engine (which tests botanical rain forest molecules).  Even as promising and ‘impressive’ as these lab facilities are, and despite the amazing science they are using, I realized that at the end of the day, an actual product quality was still based on the bottom dollar. I also came to really understand that lab created molecules, whether based on botanicals or if processed into nano sized nutrients, canNOT replicate the pure value of what G-D has created—via whole foods and whole food extracts—for our bodies to recognize and utilize.


At the crux of this understanding is assimilability.  This word refers to the actual ability of antioxidants and other vital nutrients to go from a food and become part of your body—who you are.  The highest assimilability comes from the nutrients naturally occurring in whole superfoods.


As I was meticulously researching this realm of super foods vs. vitamins and other supplements, I also became more acquainted with the downward spiral pesticides were having on our soils, I learned how very depleted our soil was becoming – nearly completely devoid of any micromineral content, and without the essential bacterial co-factors that are essential for mineral absorption by crops.


I discovered that many of our current diseases and malignancies and addictions/mental health issues were ultimately all pointing in one direction—severe nutrient deficiencies from the degraded nutritional profiles in our foods. We simply are NOT getting the minerals, amino acids, enzymes, enzymatic co-factors, Essential Fatty Acids (EFA’s,) etc. that our grandparents received without even thinking about it.  The United States is a very sick nation.  We are the #1 country for  pharmaceutical drug use per capita but world-wide, aren’t even  in the top 35 for longevity OR health.


We are the only “leading” Western country which has not banned or curtailed the use of GMO’s.


I’ve never been very political even though I come from a family of lawyers. However, the political schemes of the major pharmaceutical giants, insurance, and the health care industry are so intertwined with government policies and the FDA, that I am are truly sickened. We need to get educated & spread the word that we need to fight back for our health.  One incredibly important action is to require GMO labeling.


“If it doesn’t have a label, we don’t want it on our table” is a chant I heard at the MAM Wellington event.  What’s missing in our soil is as bad as what can now be found in our soil! 


As we slowly move from a Supersize mentality to a Superfoods mentality, we have to push towards gaining an education on how best to optimize our health and become proactive in helping the future generations have the opportunity for the same.


My next article will begin the series of ancient foods articles.


GO WILD: From Supersized to Super foods!


Formerly a Non Profit Fundraising Specialist Ilyse August is a seasoned Network Marketing professional with a passion to change the lives of many people not only here in S. Florida, but throughout the world as well.  Through the education of the powers that are inherent in Earth’s most ancient Superfoods, such as WILD Super Blue Green Algae (SBGA,) tonic mushrooms, botanicals, probiotics, enzymes, the whole host of Chorophyll  (Spirulina,) base foods,  Ilyse aims to guide people to understanding that  our bodies are the true miracles, and feeding/nourishing our bodies with the best foods from earth can only help to facilitate our bodies operating at their optimal performance levels achieving greater health. 

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