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My Cat

MY CAT By HARTLEY BARNES                         “How is it possible, to look directly at someone and make him or her feel like they don’t exist,...

Pet Safety: Leaving Your Dog or Cat Home Alone

By Robin Meade When we go to work or school and leave our pets...

September, 2015 – When in the Presence of Royalty

Since I picked up Berkel a few months ago at the local animal shelter, he had been pressuring me to buy premium cat food under the guise that he was a descendent of some cat owned by King Olaf, the Holy Martyr-King of Norway, and that his body couldn’t tolerate normal cat food.

June, 2015 – In Life – Everything is Negotiable

Berkel usually curls up under my desk when he needs a catnap, but the other day he chose my one and only comfortable chair in the studio.