Saturday, March 28, 2020
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A NEW LOVE ON VALENTINE’S DAY With Frankie and Johnnie By John F. Rifenberg   Our new bundle of joy is to arrive on Valentine’s Day. It’s the day...

Meeting of the Minds

Meeting of the Minds Part of the Berkel Series By Jon Frangipane On the Discovery Channel one night, our local animal shelter ran an advertisement about a...

Francis, Our Cat

Francis, Our Cat. With Frankie and Johnnie By John F. Rifenberg   We have a family crisis. Our wonderful cat, Francis, needs to go to the veterinarian this morning. This...

My Cat

MY CAT By HARTLEY BARNES                         “How is it possible, to look directly at someone and make him or her feel like they don’t exist,...

Pet Safety: Leaving Your Dog or Cat Home Alone

By Robin Meade When we go to work or school and leave our pets...

September, 2015 – When in the Presence of Royalty

Since I picked up Berkel a few months ago at the local animal shelter, he had been pressuring me to buy premium cat food under the guise that he was a descendent of some cat owned by King Olaf, the Holy Martyr-King of Norway, and that his body couldn’t tolerate normal cat food.

June, 2015 – In Life – Everything is Negotiable

Berkel usually curls up under my desk when he needs a catnap, but the other day he chose my one and only comfortable chair in the studio.