By Denise Marsh


Not just for a beautiful sky

Or a sunny day

When all we wanted to do was cry.

Thankful is kind and unassuming

He delivers his promises

on beds of roses

And sometimes when courage is only looming.

Thankful is a big Turkey dinner

And smiling faces

To make you feel like a winner.

Thankful has more to do.

Thankful holds you when you can’t stand

Thankful will melt your heart

And hold your hand.

Thankful  opens doors

Enticing you with suggestion

Thankful knows

That “when it rains it pours”.

Thankful will push you beyond happy dreams

When nothing is as it seems.

Thankful is mindful of “the after”.

Thankful is light and dark

He parades in designer shades

Yet never leaves without a mark.

Thankful is your very blunt friend.


Knows we are not the same

But ensures

That we won’t always win the game.