This is What Democracy Looks Like


So I was in the middle of the action on July 4th, right outside of the West Palm Beach Police Office (600 Banyan Street, West Palm Beach, FL).  This plays out like a symphony – where a young protester starts off by singing.  Then she speaks.  Then she is interrupted by another protester who comes in from a different location, yelling from a megaphone.  Kudos to Francky Pierre-Paul who de-escalates a volatile situation, with extreme attention to detail and care, even reminding a counter-protester to wear his mask during the argument.  Also recognition should go to Kyla Edme for taking care of details like including  a voter registration booth and cold bottled water for all participants. And finally, the police officer who helps to de-escalate the situation deserves kudos as well.  It’s a team effort with the Black Lives Matter protesters and the police department on the same page.  I’m very proud of those who helped make this come to a peaceful resolution. I recommend watching the entire video.  This is what democracy looks like.  #AroundWellington #It’sGoodNews #PositiveChange